Terms & Conditions

Please keep in mind that all pieces are handmade in small batches. This causes some variations in form and color. The new product you will be receiving will have unique features.


General sales conditions

In the present general sale conditions, the word “Company” designates: Elene Vernijns represented by Elene Vernijns. Any “acceptance”, “confirmation” and similar action of the Company referred to herein is only binding on it provided that it has been issued in writing by one or several persons legally authorised to act on behalf of the Company. 



The present general sale conditions apply to any sale or delivery made by the Company, to the exclusion of any general or specific conditions communicated at any time by the purchaser (hereafter the “Buyer”), except for any derogation accepted by the Company’s written and express consent. Such derogation will only apply to the specific sale or delivery for which it has been granted. By making any order, the Buyer acknowledges the present general sales conditions and irrevocably agrees to be bound by them. The Buyer understands that certain fabrics may be unavailable. The Buyer will accept all available styles, sizes, fabrics and colours. 


Quotations and acceptance of order 

All the Company’s quotations are non-binding, except if stipulated to the contrary by an express and written statement of the Company. The Company will only be bound by an order upon its written confirmation, or after it has commenced performance. Prices on an order are based on recent agreements for finished garments, fabric and supplies, and on present labour costs. Should prices for any items be increased, the prices on this order will be subject to increase. 



All sales and deliveries are made EXW (“Ex Works”) (Incoterms). The delivery times indicated are non-binding on the Company and are only given as an estimate. No delay in delivery may lead to the cancellation of the sale by or payment of damages to the Buyer, except in case of willful delay. The Company is entitled to perform partial deliveries.  

The Company is not responsible for any sort of extra costs that may be applied by customs or other. 

The Company is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed packages once it has been handed over to a third-party delivery system. We do however ask you to get in touch with us if this is the case with your package. 


Retention of title

The products supplied by the Company remain its exclusive property until payment of the price in full by the Buyer. In case of non-payment upon the due date by the Buyer, the Company will automatically be entitled to claim the products back, ipso jure and at the Buyer’s expense. Furthermore, the Company will be entitled in such case, upon the giving notice by registered mail but without any other formality or judicial intervention, and without prejudice to its right to claim damages, to cancel the sale at the detriment of the Buyer. If the Buyer resells the delivered products before payment of the full price owed to the Company, the Buyer’s claim on its customer as a result of this sale will be pledged to the Company as security for the payment of the price owed to the latter.  


Return policy

Items can not be returned. 



The Company is under no circumstances liable for indirect damages or injury caused by using the product, whether general or specific, and whatever their nature, suffered by the Buyer. 

All pieces are food safe and made with non-toxic clays and glazes. Items are dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended.



If you are interested in something that is currently out of stock, please take contact for more details.

Intellectual property rights

The buyer acknowledges and agrees that all existing and future Intellectual Property Rights (such as, but not limited to copyrights, design and models, trademarks, etc.) that relate to or subsist or reside in the products, are only owned by the Company. The Company’s Intellectual Property Rights shall at all time remain the property of the Company. The Buyer is not allowed to change the products delivered in total or in part or to give these a different name or packaging, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Any unauthorised use of the Company’s Intellectual Property Rights shall be punished according to the intellectual property laws in vigour. 



Thank you and happy shopping!